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Title: Your Atlantis 1/?
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Makoto Tachibana x Haruka Nanase
Wordcount: ~6,500
Spoilers: The whole series
Warnings: Angst and (almost) innocent virgin sex, at least that's how I would put it.
Disclaimer: I wish I had more merchandise...
Summary: Makoto is about to leave for university in Tokyo and there are a few things left unsaid (and undone) between him and Haruka. Thankfully there were rarely words needed between them so Haruka already knows.
Notes&Comments: I don't know what happened. The one moment I had a brainfart of Makoto being a sucker for everything Atlantis-related and in the next I was writing this... monster which ended up as weird, virginal, fumbling porn between two teenagers who never had sex? I dunno. XD Either way, there will be more in the future, so look forward to it!

It was the last day of spring holidays, the night before Makoto would leave for Tokyo for good. Not these two day vacations that he had used during the break to take care of his enrollment into university or getting a small shared apartment in a student dormitory.

Tokyo, of all places. Tokyo, which was so far away that Haruka had no illusions that it would be New Year’s when he would see him again. He felt like his heart was going to be ripped out then. So bad was the pull, just a little bit before the tendons would rip. All because he knew there were so many things between them that they had never said, that nobody ever needed to say because they knew what the other was thinking, after all.

He knew what Makoto felt for him, that what he felt for his best friend was more than just friendship, had always been. And Haruka knew that his feelings were just the same, with all that they had gone through together. Remembering the state he was in when Rin had told him in frustration that he was going to stop swimming because he had lost against him, he feared that he would fall into the same state when Makoto left in addition to everybody else.

Haruka, being as lazy as he was, did not want to leave Iwatobi, even if it meant ending up all alone because all of his friends were going to universities all over the place; Nagisa to one nearby, Rei and Makoto to different universities in Tokyo and Rin going back to Australia to push his competitive swimming career again. Granted, he'd still have Nagisa and Rei and Kou to hang out with for a year, but he'd still have to look for a job, which was such a hassle that he didn't even want to think about it.

Right now, though, there was only one thing that he could think about and that was Makoto kneeling stiffly in front of him, sitting on his bed, looking everywhere but his face, fidgety and nervous and Haruka could only think: 'Ah, so this is when he confesses properly.'

He waited until the awkward string of words left the tall young man's mouth, a stuttering confession that sounded more like a breakup, telling him how much he liked him, but he also knew that Haru was free, that he liked Rin very much and how he knew that Haru had had a crush on Aki-chan back in elementary school and how he hoped that he would find a good job that involved non-competing swimming because he knew that was exactly what Haru wanted. He also stressed over the fact that he would probably feel lonely in a big city like Tokyo without Haru or his family and everybody else, but that was okay because he knew that Haru would always swim free and the memories of the relays that they had swam together would always be in his heart.

Haruka's lips curled into a small smile at the awkward words, as they were so typically Makoto, always thinking about others first even if he tried to be selfish. Still, it seemed like it would always go the other's way, no matter how much he tried to make it seem otherwise.

For instance, Haruka knew about the box underneath Makoto's bed that was completely dedicated to books and movies about Atlantis. As long as Haruka had known his best friend, he had always been reading all these little more or less scientific books, articles and blogs about the mysterious city that had been swallowed by the sea and was the home to merpeople - or so he had understood it. From what he gathered, it had been depicted as some kind of Utopia by some ancient Greek guy named Plato or so and people suspected it was either in the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Ocean. Since it was thought to be practically on the other side of the planet, Haru didn't bother about it further, thinking that Makoto should just give up. It was too far away and there was nothing interesting about a legend, but then Makoto had showed him pictures of some submerged Asian temple, which was stunningly beautiful - mostly because it was in the water - and he was all, "I want to go there!"

At that, Makoto had chuckled and looked at him with a mixture of amusement and regret and told him flat out that it was impossible. Haruka looked at him stubbornly, realizing that he was giving in to his friend's dream, until Makoto surrendered with a raise of his eyebrows and a small exasperated chuckle, promising that they might consider it in the future, but for now, how about that pool in the next bigger city?

That placated Haruka long enough to forget about it and let the topic drop, but he always knew about Makoto's hobby in the back of his head, like it was his hobby as well; which it wasn't. He just wanted to swim.

"Makoto," He said, stopping another flurry of words along with his own thoughts.

The taller boy jumped and Haruka was a little irritated by that reaction, as well as being able to almost see his goose bumps through the layers of cloth. It was as if he had seen a ghost or something when all it had taken was Haruka addressing him calmly.

"Makoto," He said again, softer this time, trying not to startle his... friend, or whatever they were going to become in the future. He turned his head away in embarrassment over his own turmoil of feelings that threatened to overwhelm him as he saw the spark of hope, curiosity and impeding despair in the other's soft green eyes and continued. "Makoto, it's okay... if you want to kiss me or something."

"Eh, really?!" the taller man said, looking like that little boy who had once been a head smaller than Haruka, all the way back when they had been in kindergarten. A smile tugged at Haruka's lips then, making his usually impassive face a little softer and he saw a small blush creep onto Makoto's face.

"Yeah, really." he mumbled, looking away again in embarrassment. "Everything... is fine, if you want to do it..."

As he trailed off, still unable to look at Makoto's raised eyebrows and his sparkling green eyes, his face felt incredibly hot and he fought against the urge to take a cold bath to cool himself down, because he was sure that Makoto wanted to heat him up even more.

And sure enough, after a moment's hesitation, Haruka heard a rustling of clothes and a small wince, indicating that Makoto had stood up on wobbly legs, crossing the distance to sit down on his bed with a noticeable dip of the mattress before turning his head to confirm that Makoto was indeed sitting next to him, hands awkwardly on his own knees. He was sure the other wanted nothing more than to touch him, but he held back, trying to confirm what he had heard after all.

"T-Then, is it okay to touch you, Haru?" Makoto asked, his voice an awed whisper, as if the moment would disappear if he dared to talk any louder.

Haruka knew this voice. The last time he had heard it was when they watched a documentary on an American swimmer who could hold her breath for a really long time and modelled with a fake fish tail as a mermaid. Makoto's eyes were transfixed in awe and the admittedly pretty pictures that were taken of her, but he had also felt a little jealous then.

Now, he was glad that Makoto considered him to be just as awe-worthy as that fantasy of a mermaid.

"Yeah," He said quietly, forcing himself a little to let his embarrassment not hold him back and look into his tall friend's eyes.

"Really?" Makoto asked again, as if he couldn't believe it.

"I said it was okay, so just do it, okay?" Haruka replied, slightly irritated, but he didn't have to be as Makoto gently cupped his face with both of his hands that were so cold that the smaller boy shivered - or was it because of something else? - worried his lip for a second and then leaned in for a quick peck on his lips.

As he resurfaced and covered his mouth and his blush with his hand, Haruka wondered if this had really happened or if he had been imagining things. Makoto had sounded so confident before, so determined, and all of that ended up in a little peck on the lips? Hell, they had kissed deeper and longer as children!

"Makoto," Haruka said while the other was clearly trying to sort out what he had just done.

He received no answer.

"Makoto!" He repeated, with a little more force.

This time, he saw the other blink, but the taller one still didn't move, making him sigh and grumble, "what a pain," to himself before he gently removed his hand. "Makoto," He said again, looking straight into Makoto's eyes. "...Was this really all that you wanted to do?"

"Huh? Ah, um..." Makoto replied, casting his eyes downward as his cheeks heated up again. "I... I wanted to hold Haru." He admitted, sending a jolt of something down Haruka's groin as his hand curled around the smaller one unconsciously. "I wanted to kiss and hold Haru for the whole night, because I won't be seeing Haru for a long time, so I wanted to make a lot of special memories..."

He trailed off, raising his eyes shyly to meet Haruka's dark red face.

"Wha~! I’m sorry, Haru-chan! I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay!" Haruka remembered to say quickly. He worried his lip, because he hadn't thought that when it came to the day that they would finally cross the line of friendship that Makoto would be a little more straightforward and not adorably cute, like a puppy that was chewing on cables. "It’s okay." He repeated, taking a deep breath, carefully laying out the words before him as he gently squeezed the other's hand in return. "It's... I want to... make those memories, too... with Makoto."

"Really, Haru-chan?" the taller boy asked, looking hopeful through his own blush.

"Y-yeah... I... um," He tried and then frowned because he couldn't find the right words, staring at their still connected hands. But then, deciding on a course of action, he looked up suddenly, determined and crossed the distance between them again, pressing his thin line of lips against Makoto's, managing to hold out a little longer than they had before.

When neither of them moved, he started to panic in his head. Was he doing it wrong? He had no idea how kissing worked because his only concern up until now had been the water. But Makoto wasn't moving, either! Could it be that he had no idea as well?

Curiously, Haruka opened his eyes to see Makoto with his eyes squeezed shut with such a look of concentration on his face that it made him laugh and he had to break the kiss.

While he giggled, Makoto looked both scandalized and amused himself, but mostly embarrassed.

"Wh-what's wrong?! Am I doing it wrong? Wh-what is so funny?! Haaaruuu~~!!"

Willing down his laughter, Haruka squeezed his friend’s – boyfriend’s? - hand and prodded him closer. "Nothing," He replied and then hugged that big hunk of easily scared man. He could feel his heart beating all the way up his throat and it was another one of these adorable little things that Makoto was made up of. "Did it feel weird, getting kissed by me?" He asked, because he didn't think that it was weird, apart from maybe both their inexperience.

"N-no, it felt good." Makoto replied timidly against his neck. "It... it was... a bit... um, how do I put this, er, I... I expected Haru to move a bit more... Though I guess I could have also moved more, right?"

"Yeah," Haruka replied, smiling a little to himself as he let his fingers thread through the short hair on the back of Makoto's head. He sighed and then pushed himself away a little. "There's... still a long way to go before having sex with us kissing like that, huh?"

"Haru! Don't say such lewd things!"

Makoto's look of heartfelt terror had the black-haired boy chuckling again.

"But that's what you came here to do, didn't you?" He said and smirked at his friend in the dimly lit bedroom. "Well, I guess we still have the rest of the night, so we can use up all that to get there, right?"

"Haruu~!" The green-eyed boy whined, looking as if he wanted to be swallowed up by the ground.

"I don't mind," Haruka said as he leaned closer, resting his head on the other's wide shoulder. "I don't mind losing sleep over doing dirty things with Makoto."

"Haru~" Makoto whined again, but only because he was being teased. It was fun teasing Makoto, Haru concluded as he threaded his fingers with Makoto's bigger ones. He didn't have the heart to tease him with scary things, although it was something he liked to do with other people - especially Nagisa, when he was being especially annoying again - because he knew how much Makoto hated scary things. But he didn't seem to hate being teased with dirty things so much, so Haruka made a mental note to tease him a lot with that in the future.

They sat like that for a while, neither moving even though Makoto seemed to get a little impatient and started fidgeting. Nevertheless it was comfortable and blue eyes slipped shut with a content hum. He knew that Makoto wanted him to say more, to do more with him, but he waited, letting Haruka set the pace, just like he always had.

"Makoto," Haruka said once more when the silence became a little too stiff.

"Hm?" came the timid reply.

Opening his mouth to form the words 'I don't want you to go,' Haruka stopped himself before he could say them because it wasn't true. He didn't want Makoto to not go and fulfill his dreams; he just didn't want Makoto to be so far away. He wanted Makoto to be happy, to do what he wanted to without Haruka holding him back and if that meant he had to go to Tokyo all alone, then so be it. There were enough ways to contact each other so they shouldn't feel lonely, but there was a feeling of regret that they had not come clean to each other earlier. That this was their first and last time together with the promise of doing intimate things like kissing. Haruka knew they both needed more practice kissing and everybody who said that these things came naturally was a fool. You didn't know how to kiss just like that. You didn't know where to put your hands or what to do with your lips and tongue, even if you had an inkling that tongues were involved in kissing despite the fact that they had never been in the kisses you shared before your first intimate ones. It made him happy that it was Makoto he shared these things with, but he was also sad that they couldn't... explore each other for a longer time.

Still, he needed to give Makoto an answer, something that wasn't 'please don't go,' but something more uplifting, something more encouraging. What did people say in these kinds of situations?

Coming to think of it, eliminating all the possibilities he shouldn't say, there was only one thing that came to his mind, which preoccupied his conscience, that he wanted to say.

"I love you." He mumbled. He knew it was too early, but then again, they had known each other for a long time and Haruka wasn't really known for beating around the bush. He didn't say much because he relied on Makoto to say the things that he wanted to say, but the things he said were efficient, down to the point, because he didn't want to lose time which he could spend swimming. Therefore, saying these three words in this kind of situation was the only thing he could do.

"Ha-Haru!" Makoto exclaimed, his fingers curling involuntarily around Haruka's and thus squeezing his hand almost uncomfortably, but instead of a protest, he just kept quiet.

As the silence stretched out - not their usual comfortable silence but a rather awkward one because Haruka expected an answer for some reason even though he knew Makoto's feelings without needing to say these words - the raven-haired boy raised his head, just to see the other's beet-red face and how he was worrying his lip.

He chuckled softly before he straightened again, squeezing Makoto's hand. "It's okay," he murmured, "Let's try kissing again, okay?"

"Y-yes!" the taller one replied, but stiffened. He was obviously very self-conscious about his kissing abilities and thought that Haruka didn't like it, but there was nobody else in the world that Haruka wanted to practice kissing more with than Makoto. Besides, Haruka wasn't so sure about his own kissing abilities, but he was sure that they could come to a better understanding together.

Thus, he all but pushed Makoto onto the bed, pulling him down towards him to try kissing him again. This time, though, he decided that they could try out whatever you did with tongues, because moisture was good. He tried slipping his tongue out between his lips, brushing against Makoto's lips, just to feel him stiffen in surprise and it felt like Makoto was as small as the tiny kitten that he played with every day and he smiled into the kiss. Makoto was Makoto and Makoto would always show his vulnerable side to him, too, no matter how hard he tried to hide from others or even himself, because he trusted Haruka with his life and Haruka would make sure that no one would ever dare to hurt him.

And so, slowly but steadily, Haruka could feel Makoto relax and instinctively he took control over the kiss, resting his hand on Makoto's cheek to keep him steady as he kissed and nibbled his lips until an involuntary sound left the taller one's lips that sounded like a mixture between a sigh and squeak.

They broke apart for air at that, both panting heavily although they hadn't really done anything exciting, staring at each other with wide eyes before their lips crashed back together, frantically, hungrily. It was as if Makoto's moan had been a sign for the two of them to throw away their self-inflicted prohibitions and as soon as they both stopped thinking, the kiss actually got better, deeper and definitely more heated.

Their tongues which at first had been shyly dancing around each other now brush against their counterparts in a battle of desperation, the smacking sounds of their lips and little grunts and moans being the only sounds in the room. At some point, Haruka had pushed Makoto back against his bed and straddled him, now he was lying on top of him as they continued kissing like they had all the time in the world when they both knew they didn't. Makoto's hair was tousled from the many times Haruka had raked his fingers through it, but the taller one had done the same thing over and over, alternating between that and hugging Haruka really close as if he was so afraid to lose him.

A little annoyed by the latter, Haruka moved from the brunet's mouth to his neck, biting down playfully which made Makoto yelp in surprise and moan deeply with something that made them both blush. Blue eyes stared down in surprise and mild worry, just to see the red covering all of Makoto's face along with a hand.

"D-Do that again." He asked, embarrassed by his own reaction, but knowing it would be futile to hide how much he had liked that and Haruka obliged with a nod. This time he could feel Makoto's legs curl up with another moan and he let his hands roam over the other's broad chest, subconsciously looking for another spot that would elicit such a reaction. He soon found it when his thumb accidentally brushed against a nipple, a hard little nub standing up readily beneath the other's thin t-shirt and he couldn't help himself and do it again, graze and tease that little nipple until Makoto was squirming almost uncomfortably beneath him.

"H-Haru!" The taller one protested, but he didn't stop him. Therefore, Haruka took this as his clue to slip his fingers under the other's shirt and while they had been kissing each other for quite a while now, he was still so nervous that his fingers felt icy compared to the other's heated skin. Every muscle seemed to jolt when his fingertips ghosted over them, Makoto's breath hitching so hard that Haruka started to be a little worried he might not be breathing properly, but the moan when he finally found his nipple and rubbed over it was worth everything.

He watched the taller one's face carefully, watched every emotion, every feeling washing over it as he touched him, as he made him feel things that nobody else had made him feel before and he knew that he was hard. There was also another hardness against his thigh, but it felt ten times as hot and at least twice as big as his own. He was a little scared to touch that, so he concentrated on his upper body for now, even if his curiosity was killing him.

"Haru~!" Makoto whined suddenly and one of his hands came to rest on his behind, squeezing tentatively. Haruka held back a moan, because it felt good, but he was so concentrated on touching that he couldn't quite appreciate getting touched. Still, he looked up curiously to be met with Makoto's eyes that were at least three shades darker and despite the tone that Makoto used that Haruka was so used to, what he saw in his eyes made him shiver in anticipation. "I want to touch you, too!"

Belatedly, Haruka realized that he had been so focused on touching Makoto that he didn't even give the other the slightest chance of touching him back. So he sat up, looking away in embarrassment before he made up his mind. He turned his gaze back to his boyfriend and nodded, saying "okay," before he pulled off his shirt with practiced ease and threw it away to be forgotten in some corner of his room. He sat and waited, giving Makoto some times to adjust to his own blossoming courage.

Sitting up himself, Makoto decided that if Haruka took off his shirt, he shouldn't be too far behind, and took off his shirt slowly, drawing out every moment. It gave Haruka time to stare at Makoto's toned abs, the taller swimmer having more of a six-pack than he did and while Haruka did not really care about these things, he had to admit that it looked good on his friend, even if his back muscles were even better than those on his stomach.

Makoto's shirt landed somewhere in the room near Haruka's shirt, but his eyes never left the smaller boy. One large hand reached out and spread out over his chest, making him suck in a breath as he realized that it was almost covering him up completely.

Unable to hold himself back, Haruka reached out and touched the hand that was touching him with both his own. "So big," He mumbled, running fingertips lightly down to the other's wrist.

"Haru," Makoto said, giggling. "That tickles."

"Hm? Oh, I'm sorry." The smaller one gave back, lifting his hands from Makoto's hand to his shoulders, kissing him again after a moment of hesitation. With all of his touching they hadn't kissed for quite a while now and Haruka realized with a pang of pain that he had missed that. He was about to pull Makoto closer, when the taller one pulled away a bit with a small chuckle.

"Haru~" Makoto whined mockingly against his lips, although he wasn't protesting but wrapping his arms around the smaller one's waist to pull him flush against his body. "I wanted to touch you, remember?"

"Hm..." Haruka gave back, but it was actually a small moan, elicited by the small spark he felt when their chests touched. Not that they hadn't hugged in their swimsuits before, but it definitely felt differently when they were doing it in private. "You're touching me right now." He gave back lazily, not intending to give up on his cozy spot in Makoto's lap now. To emphasize, he squirmed just a little, gasping when his erection rubbed against Makoto's stomach and he felt Makoto's erection against his thigh. A shiver went through them both before it turned into another of Makoto's chuckles.

"But not the way you touched me, Haru." Makoto gave back just as lazily, letting his hands run up and down the smaller one's back. The black-haired boy shivered and bit back a small moan which turned into a gasp when Makoto bit down on his neck just like he had done before. He could feel his erection jumping against the refinements of his pants and he clung tighter to his boyfriend, eyes screwed shut.

If he had known that making out with Makoto would feel so good, he would not have waited so long, no, he would have taken matters into his own hands and started this, but alas, he had never known what they had been missing out on.

Then Makoto was doing something with his fingers on his spine while he found a spot on his neck that felt like he was ticklish, but it was more, so much more than just being ticklish, it was like he had put him under some kind of electric shock and sent a spark down his whole body. Haruka bit his lip, because his mouth felt dry from all the gasping, but he bucked his hips forward instinctively against Makoto and he bucked his hips in response, pushing his erection further against his thigh and suddenly they both froze as if they had been hit by lightning. They realized that there was more to do than just making out with their pants on. This was their last night together in a long time despite the fact that it was also their first night together like this, so they had no reason to hold back and not go all the way.

It may have been rushed, but there were good reasons for that, too; namely finding out all the things that they had missed out on in the past 18 years.

"Strip," Haruka ordered once he had overcome his initial shock and found a course of action to pursue. Whether or not Makoto would agree on it was up to him, but Haruka was pretty sure that this was also what Makoto wanted.

"Y-yes!" Makoto replied, followed by a moment of awkward silence. "Um... I think you have to get up first..."

"Y-yeah..." Haruka noted, too, and got up, even if every of his fiber screamed reluctance. That feeling only increased as Makoto pushed his pants down his legs, still lying on Haruka's bed while the smaller boy struggled with his belt.

It wasn't so much that he was shy, no, it was just that he was both intimidated by Makoto's erection and the fact that he wasn't wearing his swimsuit underneath. He had asked Makoto to come over and hadn't expected they would go anywhere near a bath of any sort, but he had been too lazy to look for a pair of underwear - mostly because the few pairs that he still had were dirty - and thus he had not put on any after his bath earlier. He was worried that this would make Makoto think any less of him, even if he knew that Makoto probably didn't care or even think about it right now, but he was still a little self-conscious when his pants dropped to the floor and his own erection was revealed, the one that was obviously quite a bit smaller than Makoto's.

"H-Haru," Makoto stammered, because he was still wearing his underwear, and hadn't pushed it down. He sported a dark shade of red on his face, a fact that Haruka seemed to want to copy as soon as possible.

"I... I didn't have any clean underwear." The smaller boy felt the need to explain, looking awkwardly to the side. He lifted his hand to cover himself, but it was caught before he even passed his hip. Looking up in surprise he saw Makoto's gentle smile and the nervousness inside of him subsided. He smiled back as he was tugged down to sit back on the taller one's lap, not putting up any resistance.

"Haru-chan," Makoto said fondly and for some reason the familiar suffix which he had always denied had a calming effect on him right then, making him sigh as his arms wrapped around the taller one's shoulders, kissing the word off his lips. His arousal rubbed uncomfortably against Makoto's stomach and his underwear, but he didn't mind. If this wasn't Makoto's pace, they still had all the time in the world. It didn't matter that Haruka felt like the other was bursting, that he could sense how he wanted to melt into him. If his body was afraid to dive in any further, he would give him all the time he needed.

But apparently he didn't need all that much time because cold, shivering, yet oh-so-careful fingers spread down over his stomach until they hesitantly, yet determinedly, wrapped around his erection, startling him so much that Haruka let out a surprised gasp.

"Ah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Makoto was quick to apologize, pulling his hand back as if he had been burned.

"No!" Haruka retaliated, maybe a little harsher than he intended to sound due to being short of breath thanks to his arousal. "No," he repeated, softer as he saw fear rising in Makoto's eyes. He lowered one hand to guide the other back down, even as his cheeks heated up uncomfortably. "It felt good," he confessed, "Do it... touch me more."

"O-okay," Makoto agreed and lowered his hand again. They felt as hesitant as before, but they still wrapped around Haruka's erection with determination, moving up and down slowly but surely. It made Haruka wonder if Makoto touched himself like that as well, if it drove him just as wild to have his thumb spread out over the head of his penis, moaning like Haruka did then and if he thought about him as he touched himself.

"Makoto," he moaned and bucked his hips into the other's hand, searching his lips to kiss him desperately as the control of his feelings slipped out of his hands and he just desperately wanted to feel good.

"Haru," the other moaned back, his own hips bucking against Haruka's frantically.

Still scared to touch that big thing in Makoto's pants, Haruka simply rubbed himself against his boyfriend, frantically, desperately, until Makoto got the clue or was desperate enough himself, either way, he freed his own erection by pulling down the hem of his boxers and put it against Haruka's, resuming to move his fist frantically over them both.

The thought that this was going to be their first time occupied Haruka's mind, but with Makoto moving his hand like that and the heat of his erection against his, he was soon unable to think about other things but the pleasure that it brought while he rutted himself against the other, clinging tightly to his neck, panting and moaning until he was hit by a strong wave of pleasure and he rode out his orgasm with Makoto squeezing and rubbing him until he came as well.

"Haru!" he choked out as warm, sticky liquid spread over their stomachs and as his hand stilled, Haruka tilted his head to spray kisses over Makoto's face, wanting to display his affection in some way.

"Makoto," he breathed and kept repeating the word over and over until his boyfriend had regained his breath and his eyes opened again. This time Haruka blushed again, not because of the cum slowly drying on their stomachs, but because of the intensity of affection in the other's eyes and he was reminded that he wouldn't be able to see these eyes for a good nine months and it hurt. It hurt so much that he had to bury his head in the crook of the other's neck to stop himself from bawling like a baby.

"Haru-chan," Makoto chuckled at that display and patted his back softly. "Haru-chan... did you feel good?"

Of course he would ask that. As if it hadn't been obvious that Haruka had just had the time of his life. He had an orgasm, for god's sake! How much more obvious could he get?

Puffing out his cheeks against Makoto's neck he smirked when the other started to squirm. To prove his point, he also bit down on the other's neck again, making him yelp in surprise.

"I guess that's a yes." Makoto chuckled and kept on petting his back. "Do you... do you want to do it... again?"

Haruka froze from where he had been putting bite marks all over the skin before him, thinking about the offer for a moment. He sat up and looked at Makoto with what could be described as his Pool Eyes, sparkling slightly and he nodded feebly.

Chuckling again, Makoto broke out into a smile before he leaned forward, rubbed their noses together and stole another kiss that Haruka gave just too willingly. They only broke the kiss to shift around so that Makoto could take off his by now dirty boxers, leaving him butt naked as well. Haruka took this moment to stare openly at his crotch, to really compare their sizes, just to realize that Makoto was really bigger than him, but now that they had already done dirty things, it didn't seem to be that scary anymore.

"Makoto," he said without thinking, "Can I... touch yours?"

Which was a pretty stupid question to ask, considering that Makoto hadn't even asked him if he could touch his erection the first time. Thus, predictably, Makoto stopped midway moving to lie on the bed next to him and just looked at him.

"... Sure?" He said, which didn't really bother Haruka because he had already wrapped his hand around Makoto's half-hard penis. He heard the other hiss, but for some reason he wanted to focus on the task at hand, literally, even. Makoto shifted a bit more until he was comfortable in the cushions and Haruka curled up next to him, tucked tightly against his side while he reached down the length of his torso. He watched closely and in awe how Makoto's penis seemed to grow in his hand, twitched every once in a while with a certain touch from him and grew darker in color the hotter it got.

The smaller boy let out a small breath which could also have been an awestruck sigh, but then Makoto moaned, so deeply that Haruka jerked a little in surprise, his head whipping around to stare at the other's face.

Makoto's face was red all over again and he had lifted his free hand to cover his eyes, although Haruka could tell that he wanted to watch more than anything. His eyes were screwed shut but his mouth was hanging open slightly, while his chest rose and fell with his hitched breaths.

"Makoto," Haruka said calmly, waiting a heartbeat until Makoto replied with a strained, "Huh?"

"Relax," he asked, squeezing in reassurance. He wouldn't do anything to hurt the other or annoy him in any way, but sometimes Makoto had to be reminded of that fact.

"Y-yeah," Makoto replied, albeit still strained, but he took a deep breath and you could basically hear his muscles relax. Haruka smiled and rewarded the other with a small squeeze in hopes that it would convey his feelings, too.

And then he continued in earnest.

He moved his hand up and down the hard staff, teasing where he could although he felt a little frustrated that it looked so much more clumsier than to what he had imagined it look like, but Makoto was tensing and untensing next to him, shivering every now and then and he was moaning, too. And not just any kind of moans, but moans that turned Haruka's ears the brightest shade of red imaginable and he marveled in the fact that this was all his doing; that it was his clumsy hand on Makoto's erection that made him moan and squirm so much. And that, at the end of the day, was all that he needed.

By the time Makoto cried out his name as he came again, Haruka was already painfully hard again himself, even though neither of them had made a move to touch him in any way. He tried to ignore it, but as soon as Makoto blinked his droopy eyes open again, he reached for him in return, reciprocating the black-haired teen's movements.

Haruka couldn't help himself; he moaned and screwed his eyes shut, panting as he closed in on his peak again and then he had to cling to cling to Makoto because he feared getting washed away by the wave of pleasure.

In the aftermath, they lay there, trying to catch their breaths and feeling extraordinarily wonderful and light.

"Haru-chan,” Makoto was the first to regain enough breath to speak. "Haru... I... I've always loved you, too."

Despite himself, Haruka broke out into a smile and he leaned up to kiss his boyfriend, feeling that fluttery feeling of fish swimming around excitedly in the pit of his stomach that others would maybe describe as butterflies.

As they broke apart, the only appropriate answer he could think of was: "I know," before he slipped an arm and a leg around the taller boy and hugged him close, never wanting to let go.

But the day to let go would come in the morning, so they fell in and out of sleep with the need to touch the other, to feel him close as a reminder that he was there, that this wasn't a dream and that there would be more times like this in the future.

Haruka didn't even say goodbye to Makoto at the bus station when he finally had to leave for Tokyo. He didn't even go there, because everything that needed to be said and done had been done at his house and he didn't want to carry another painful memory around with him.

New Year’s couldn't come soon enough.


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