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Notes: With this, I present you my Christmas present from [ profile] layann. I forced her to cosplay with me (mostly because I knew she'd be awesome), because I REALLY wanted to take some nice dorky GerPru-pics in Berlin. I also do not have ANY clothes that resemble Ludwig's in my wardrobe, so, uh, excuse me if this looks kind of, well, off. The only thing really PLANNED about this were my contacts, the rest was in stock already. ^^; So, uh, this is presented to you with a lot of sweat, tears, bribing and uh, cold feet by us. @.@ (God, I wanted to write so much more.) Ah! I had intended this to be a longer walk, but it got dark suddenly, so we had to stop for today. So, MAYBE there will be another set of these pics, if you like. @.@

In any case, I hope you enjoy the photos!

Without further ado, let's switch to Gilbert's Point of View: )

I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did. :3 (And to clear things up: I was Ludwig, [ profile] layann was Gilbert. :3
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Yesterday, the day after Valentine's, there was an Only Event for Eyeshield 21.

Thus, I went through EVERYTHING (I applied for cosplay on that event on line for us) and dragged a very unwilling [ profile] layann with me, who had a lot of fun in the end, to that little event.

In detail, this Only Event opened his doors at 11h (officially) - we arrived a little later - at the KFC Hall Annex Ryougoku and from 11h to 15h you could only buy doujinshi and redress in your costumes (if you had an application). You could buy a plastic bag with a programm for 500Yen, there was a wall where you could vote for your favorite Character (1st Hiruma, 2nd Sena, 3rd Musashi (!) ) and there was a little tombola where you could win team-specific-prices (they had earplugs for Bando and a banana case for Deimon for example). Everything was fun, because even though people stared at us, they didn't stare at us in a "Ugh, foreigners"-way, like old people do because they are surprised to see foreigners in not-so-popular parts of Japan/Tokyo, but more in a suprised "Wow! Foreigners! Here? That's great!"

Not to mention [ profile] layann's popularity. (Try a "Hiruma cosplay"-search on google.) Also, we were the only ones who cosplayed (the most popular pairing) Musashi and Hiruma. There were TONS of Hirumas and even another Musashi, but not together. THAT was another plus.

At exactly 15h they cleared the room of the tables and at 15:30, you were allowed to take pictures. Around 16:30-17h, everybody was asked to take place in a big group picture and well, this is the result (Note: There are at most 4 boys in this picture. I'm not one of them. XDD):

More pictures here )
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Am I getting on your nerves already? Please be honest. ^^;

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know about some cosplay-pictures of [ profile] layann and me. As you might guess, we cosplayed Musashi and Hiruma. In fact, I talked her into cosplaying Hiruma. ^^; (We actually bought the wig for Sakuraba last year.) [ profile] nneko took the pictures and some of them turned out be really cute. :)

Please ignore the fact that I'm grinning like an idiot on each and every picture. I was so happy about the photo-shoot that I wasn't as able to control my face as I wanted to be. Also, we planned this cosplay in like... 2 days? So everything is really makeshift and stuff. ^^; Still, I like some of the pictures very much.

PS: One of them I posted here contains some kissing... So uh, you've been warned?

Without any further ado, here are the photos. )

Click here for the rest of the pictures.
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Does anybody still remember Scryed? I'm getting the impression that our Inui and I were the only ones that really watched the series back when it came out. I still think we're the uber-dorks for liking it. ^^; Thus we cosplayed the dorkiest dorks I've ever seen.

Click here for the s-CRY-ed pictures. )

More here.
Bleach pictures here.
Death Note pictures here.
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Yay! More Cosplay. ^^; Have fun!

Click here for the Death Note pictures. )

More here.
Bleach pictures here.
Scryed pictures here.
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Okay, so... lots of Conventions that we are attending this year. This is the second last one we've been to. We cosplayed Bleach, Death Note and Scryed (if anybody still remembers that...)

Click here for the Bleach pictures. )

More here.
Death Note pictures here.
Scryed pictures here.
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Okay, we are a little late with these, but here are our photos from this year's AnimagiC. And yes, we did Bleach. A lot of. And we had fun. Despite the rain. And me despite the fact that a few days earlier I had a very fierce fever and got an even fiercer deflection on Saturday... My skin-color resembled my hair color. -_-'

Featuring: [ profile] layann as Ayasegawa Yumichika, Kuchiki Byakuya and Ishida Uryuu, [ profile] nneko as Isane Kotetsu and Hitsugaya Toushirou, [ profile] elfelina as Yachiru Kusajishi, [ profile] ryoma_chan as Ichimaru Gin, Kuchiki Rukia and Hinamori Momo. I was Madarame Ikkaku and Abarai Renji. So beware 6th division love pics.

Click here for the pictures )

My Waraji are still... wet. ;_; Oh, and go to for more of our cosplay pictures. ^_^
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So, VERY spontaneous Death Note cosplay. Which reminds me that I never posted pictures of me as Raito... I will do that later. ^^;
[ profile] layann was L and [ profile] northernbanshee borrowed my shirt and some blond hairspray and was Raito. ^_^ Enjoy!

Click here for the pictures )

For more (Prince of Tennis) pictures click here or see the previous post (batch 4: Seigaku fun pictures), the one before that one (batch 3: Fuji-Kyoudai pictures), this one (batch 2: Hyoutei/Rikkai pictures) and that one (batch 1: Family pictures).
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Of course we couldn't not take any Seigaku-pictures. Since we already had a few in-chara pictures these are mostly OOC. They're very funny though ioho. ^^;
Again, I was there as Tezuka, [ profile] layann as Fuji, [ profile] nneko as Kikumaru and [ profile] iwai_takuto as Ryoma.

Click here for funny pictures )

For more pictures click here or see the previous post (batch 3: Fuji-Kyoudai pictures),the one before that one (batch 2: Hyoutei/Rikkai pictures) and this one (batch 1: Family pictures).
Or go to the next post, Batch 5: Spontaneous Death Note pictures.
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Here we have the third batch of pictures. This time it's the incredible Fuji brothers, with [ profile] layann as Fuji Shuusuke, [ profile] iwai_takuto as Fuji Yuuta and [ profile] touichi as Mizuki Hajime! Enjoy!

Fuji's little private album )

For more pictures click here or see the previous post (batch 1: Family pictures) and the one before that one (batch 2: Hyoutei/Rikkai pictures).
Or go here: Batch 4: Seigaku fun pictures
Batch 5: Spontaneous Death Note pictures
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As I said before, we had a huge meeting. And we didn't only take family-pictures, but also Hyoutei and Rikkai-Pictures. So this is the second batch of pictures. ^^;

Click here for Hyoutei pictures )

Click here for Rikkai pictures )

For more pictures click here or see the previous post (batch 1: Family pictures).
Or go here: Batch 3: Fuji-Kyoudai pictures
Batch 4: Seigaku fun pictures
Batch 5: Spontaneous Death Note pictures
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Well, we had a huge family meeting on one weekend, during which we took a lot of photos (a total of 811). This post is just the créme de la créme of all these photos. I will post other pictures (with other costumes) in a few moments. And now have fun with the first batch. ^_^

We had me as Tezuka-Ojiichan, [ profile] layann as Fuji Obaa-chan, [ profile] nneko as Kikumaru, [ profile] iwai_takuto as Ryoma, [ profile] northernbanshee as Momoko and [ profile] touichi as Kirihara.

Click here for our little family album. )

For more pictures click here.
Or go here: Batch 2: Hyoutei/Rikkai pictures
Batch 3: Fuji-Kyoudai pictures
Batch 4: Seigaku fun pictures
Batch 5: Spontaneous Death Note pictures
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I'm so happy somebody took a picture of that... *_*
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Sorry for spamming the communities today, but I have interesting things to post. ^^; Like advertisement for two of our sites. Ahem.

Anyways, this time it's more fun! *sparkle* We did a giant cosplay meeting here in Germany this weekend and of course we did some pictures. And of course I like to share them with you. ^_^

Click here for pictures )

And here the SPECIAL pictures! )

More special pictures )

More pictures at and and here.

[German]Und nochmal an alle, die dabei waren... schreibt comments![/German]

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I'm wishing you all a very happy Christmas! ^_^

A SEIGAKU Christmas to you all! )


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