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Title: Hinky Pinky Pearly Earl
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Barnaby Brooks Jr.xfemale!Kotetsu T. Kaburagi aka Tetsuko Kaburagi
Wordcount: ~5,800
Spoilers: Mainly episode 19 of Tiger&Bunny
Warnings: Angst, Sex, angsty sex.
Disclaimer: Even though I spent a lot of money, I still don't own the series, just this idea.
Summary: What if Kotetsu had been a woman? This is what I think could have happened at the beginning of episode 19 with a previously established relationship.
Notes&Comments: I started this a very long time ago. There are a lot of thoughts in this one, but I also abandoned this for a long time because I had a writer's block there. I still hope this brings across what I want you to think (along with the porn, although it's not the usual kind of porn that you'd expect) as well as a few hints on things that may or may not be canon.

As for the name of the story: Initially I wanted to go with the original title of episode 19 ("There's no way out" or "袋の鼠"), but I thought it would not exactly fit, so I looked for a nursery rhyme. It may not fit perfectly either, but there are hints matching.

Phone pressed to her ear, Tetsuko tried to call Barnaby again. )
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Title: The Pink Bunny
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Tetsuko->Barnaby
Wordcount: 2,664
Spoilers: Episode 5
Warnings: Smut, porn, female masturbation, misuse of plushies
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Even though I did spend a lot of money already. 8D
Summary: Set after episode 5, in which we finally get to know when and where Barnaby got the present from the other Heroes from Tetsuko.

Or - in short - I wrote porn.

Tetsuko had gone to collect Antonio from the police station... )
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Title: There was this photo shoot when Barnaby needed a little longer to change than usual
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Barnaby/Tetsuko
Wordcount: 1,977
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Smut, het, smut. And fanservice
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Even though I did spend a lot of money already. 8D
Summary: While Barnaby is being photographed for some magazine, Tetsuko is bored. And then decides to make her partner speed up things a little.

Tetsuko nibbled on her pocky as she watched Barnaby in his photoshooting, how the photographer spurred him on for more and more provocative poses. )


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