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I read in a PLAYBOY today. Yes, a real playboy. (One from June of this year, because my co-worker found it and it was OLD and wanted to throw it away... and hey, when do you get a chance to read a PLAYBOY for free?)

...The pictures of the naked girls were boring. The articles about the cars and stuff weren't highly intersting either.

What WAS interesting was the interview with... argh, forgot his name. A famous cameraman who shot together with Scorscese and Fassbinder and more and is now living in his birthcity of Berlin AND shot a movie about my favorite city in the whole world which I want to see. And the article about the Bel Ami.

Also, there was this one page. Open it and read it. It's about Germans and their obsessive love for Italian food.

And it read like a GerIta-Hetalia-fanfic. OTL

Click here for a QUICK English translatio )

Believe me, I laughed out SO loudly at that. XD
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Title: After Valentine's...
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: FelicianoxLudwig (ItalyxGermany), with appearances of Gilbert and Kiku.
Wordcount: 7,136
Spoilers: Just for that Buon-san Valentino-strip.
Warnings: Gay Sex, food. XD
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: Basically an aftermath of the Boun-san Valentino-strips. The development of Germany's and Italy's relationship to the final step.
Notes&Comments: This took me fucking 4 months to write, not shit. X_x; For the last part I actually pulled an almost-one-nighter. In the end, I can't judge this thing anymore and because of its length, I'm quite reluctant to read over it again. ^^; So, if you find anything that bugs you, drop me a line. This also means that this is unbetaed. Anways, I hope you have fun. :3

"Believe me, you're gonna need it," Gilbert had said... )


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