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Title: Happy Birthday!!!
Warnings: Cake
Disclaimer: I come from Germany. @.@ Wait, no, I don't own anything.
Notes&Comments: Er well, Yes. It's Prussia's Birthday today, the old man's turning 310 today. XD Also, it's the birthday of the German Empire, turning 140 today. Therefore, me and [ profile] layann ate some cake and took some pictures with the One Coin Figures. Have fun!

Happy Birthday! )
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Notes: With this, I present you my Christmas present from [ profile] layann. I forced her to cosplay with me (mostly because I knew she'd be awesome), because I REALLY wanted to take some nice dorky GerPru-pics in Berlin. I also do not have ANY clothes that resemble Ludwig's in my wardrobe, so, uh, excuse me if this looks kind of, well, off. The only thing really PLANNED about this were my contacts, the rest was in stock already. ^^; So, uh, this is presented to you with a lot of sweat, tears, bribing and uh, cold feet by us. @.@ (God, I wanted to write so much more.) Ah! I had intended this to be a longer walk, but it got dark suddenly, so we had to stop for today. So, MAYBE there will be another set of these pics, if you like. @.@

In any case, I hope you enjoy the photos!

Without further ado, let's switch to Gilbert's Point of View: )

I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did. :3 (And to clear things up: I was Ludwig, [ profile] layann was Gilbert. :3
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Finally I got around to sorting out the pictures and post them from back then. Some of them are SO PRETTY! But I just spent about 2 hours writing descriptions to those pictures, I've gotten so lazy to write anything witty now.

Let's just say that we took a rollercoaster-ride through German History, from the beginnings of the Holy Roman Empire to the early years of the Kaiserreich. Horray!

And now, enjoy the photos we took. :3 And ask me any questions you have. :D

Beware! Lots of pictures ahead! )


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