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Title: The internet is for...
Rating: R?
Pairings: IchigoxIshida, others mentioned
Spoilers: Several, for the newer chapters-
Warnings: Uh, ... stuff, like I didn't care one bit about the timeline at all, so AU and uh... Ichigo and Ishida bitching?
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach.
Summary: Ishida confronts Ichigo about a certain aspect of their relationship.
Notes&Comments: Written for [ profile] layann, cuz I'm not with her at the moment and I promised her IchiIshi. Like... WHOA! And no, that's not the one I wrote and have to type down.

Ishida Uryuu pushed up the glasses on his nose and leaned back in his chair in Karakura High's computer room. )
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Yay for doorlet No.2!

This time it's SuikodenII. :D

Click here for the Calender. And then click on the 2.

Good Night, Ladies and Gentlemen~!
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Very spontaniously I decided to make a Christmas Calender this year, mostly for [ profile] layann. I know I stole the idea from [ profile] miuu_chan, who did the same thing last year for [ profile] seki_is_mine, but hey, it's such a good idea! Also it makes me write a drabble every day, with various pairings and ratings.

Click here for the Calender. And then click on the 1. The others won't get you anywhere yet, since I ain't got nothing written yet. XD

And damn fuck it's late. I'm going to bed now. X_x
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I won the audience's choice price at the Connichi AMV Contest with my Buri-Cure Video! XD

I guess the one most surprised was I - I wasn't even there to see my video on the big screen there. ^^; Inui sent [ profile] nneko a message to tell me that they were showing my video in the contest as Best Parody, so I hurried back to collect my cerificate, but their printer ate the paper, so I (and all the others) got none.

The next day - almost at the end of the convention - Inui was calling us like a madman from the main hall, because they were showing my video AGAIN and I had won the audience's choice price. So I hurried there - as a big white bunny with a cigarette (Usahara) - and collected my price on stage. I was SO happy that they didn't ask me ANY questions but let that guy talk who had won the first price (I think he was sprouting crap). I got a T-shirt, a DVD, a CD, a DAISUKI-keychain and shoelaces and I was very, very happy. ^_^

Click here for links to download if you want to. )
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Rating: R
Pairings: IchigoxIshida
Spoilers: None
Warnings: PWPish, funny sounds
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. Taito-san does... and sometimes I hate him for it. *sighs*
Summary: During sex, Quincys do make funny sounds.
Notes&Comments: I was forced to do this. *nods* And I am forced to write more of them. @.@

"Oh yes, Kurosaki! Harder!" )

Title: Matters of Sewing
Rating: PG
Pairings: IshidaxRenji? implied IchigoxRukia
Spoilers: Some for the end of the Soul Society Arc
Warnings: Poor Renji. ;_;
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. Taito-san does... and sometimes I hate him for it. *sighs*
Summary: Renji is looking for Ichigo and finds Ishida. And wishes he didn't.
Notes&Comments: That was fun, because it was cosplay-induced crack. XD I don't think anybody will find it interesting, but hey, gotta post it. ^^;

Renji was looking for Ichigo. )

I was drunk writing that. That's the only excuse I can make up.


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