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Title: Happy Birthday!!!
Warnings: Cake
Disclaimer: I come from Germany. @.@ Wait, no, I don't own anything.
Notes&Comments: Er well, Yes. It's Prussia's Birthday today, the old man's turning 310 today. XD Also, it's the birthday of the German Empire, turning 140 today. Therefore, me and [ profile] layann ate some cake and took some pictures with the One Coin Figures. Have fun!

Happy Birthday! )
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Title: Crossing Swords
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: RussiaxGermanyxPrussia per request for the Spring Exchange over at [ profile] meinbruder
Wordcount: 1,958
Warnings: 3some, double penetration
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: Ludwig agreed to a request from Ivan.
Notes&Comments: for [ profile] war_gasm. I am sorry if this sucks, when I first got your request, I was so thrilled that I didn't know which one to write and asked a few friends. I got a lot votes for this one, but I wanted to write the other two as well. I will try to write the other two as well some day, or at least try to. OTL. S-so far, please enjoy the mental images I tried to write down in this fic. If it sucks, I know. I'm sorry. OTL

"No, West, no! I know you’re a kinky bastard, but no! Not with him!" )
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Title: Stop, Rewind, Start Again
Rating: PG-13 (to R)
Pairings: IvanxGilbert, implied LudwigxGilbert
Wordcount: 4216
Spoilers: Not for Hetalia.
Warnings: darker themes, Ivan.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: Ivan captures Gilbert after WW2 and forms him into the German Democratic Republic.
Notes&Comments: I have no idea how long this took me, but I know that I had too much fun writing creepy Ivan. OTL This is also a kind of warm up to a longer story I had in mind that describe Gilbert's fleeing from the East borders of Germany towards the West, some of it is mentioned here, but I don't know if I will ever get around to write that. ^^;

Darkness surrounded him when he woke up. )
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Notes: With this, I present you my Christmas present from [ profile] layann. I forced her to cosplay with me (mostly because I knew she'd be awesome), because I REALLY wanted to take some nice dorky GerPru-pics in Berlin. I also do not have ANY clothes that resemble Ludwig's in my wardrobe, so, uh, excuse me if this looks kind of, well, off. The only thing really PLANNED about this were my contacts, the rest was in stock already. ^^; So, uh, this is presented to you with a lot of sweat, tears, bribing and uh, cold feet by us. @.@ (God, I wanted to write so much more.) Ah! I had intended this to be a longer walk, but it got dark suddenly, so we had to stop for today. So, MAYBE there will be another set of these pics, if you like. @.@

In any case, I hope you enjoy the photos!

Without further ado, let's switch to Gilbert's Point of View: )

I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did. :3 (And to clear things up: I was Ludwig, [ profile] layann was Gilbert. :3
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Title: Reunification, 19 Years After
Rating: PG
Pairings: Gilbert and Ludwig (West and East Germany)
Wordcount: 940
Spoilers: Not spoilers in the conventional meaning...
Warnings: ...but some not-so-happy facts about the reunification.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: Just some kind of diary of mine from today.
Notes&Comments: Today, Berlin was awesome. WE HAD FUCKING GIANTS!!!

Read more... )

[Supplemental] Lol! They just proved just how connected Prussia and the GDR were. The Volksarmee protested against their dissolution with Prussian movements. XD[/Supplemental]
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[ profile] kou_chann accepts preorder now! ($10 + $5 shipping)

Also, have a sample page:

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Title: Kids?
Rating: PG
Pairings: LudxGil
Wordcount: 1,790
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Some swear words, food misuse
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: Gilbert: "Hey, don’t you think we’d be awesome fathers?" Ludwig: *sputters*
Notes&Comments: I wrote this as a gift for [ profile] kou_chann's doujinshi, but she took another story, so you can read this one now. :3 I post this to... calm my conscience.

"Hey, don’t you think we’d be awesome fathers?" )
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Title: Memorials
Rating: PG
Pairings: None in that manner. Maybe hinted LudxGil if you squint.
Wordcount: 1,932
Spoilers: I still think you can't speak of spoilers if you're talking about history.
Warnings: Uh, none.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Just my mind.
Summary: Ludwig builds another Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Gilbert voices some disapproval.
Notes&Comments: Okay, this is an experiment. The dialogue is native (i.e. German), but not entirely important. Also, you can hover with your mouse over the respective text and you will see a translation. Other than that you can see this story as a guide to the "new" center of Berlin. (I let out some interesting spots though. If you want to know more, please feel free to ask me. :)

Gilbert stared at his brother’s broad back while he talked with their boss. )

Crossposted to [ profile] hetalia, [ profile] hetaliafic, [ profile] meinbruder and [ profile] vitalregionsget.
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Title: Lessons
Rating: PG
Pairings: Ludwig/Gilbert, FritzxGilbert
Wordcount: 2,994
Spoilers: It's history, there are no spoilers.
Warnings: ramblings, a lot of them.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: Little Ludwig asks his big brother about Friedrich den Großen.
Notes&Comments: This is a story about love. And History. And the Old Fritz. And a child's view on the old man. Thus, uh, pretty much full of fluff and waff. Oh, and I'm using German names for people, cities and other things like nicknames. I don't like calling Friedrich II. Frederick. @.@

A boy who looked like a normal thirteen-year-old, maybe a bit small for his age, stared at the giant painting above him. The boy, Ludwig, frowned at the old man in the portrait with a wrinkled nose. )
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Title: Booby jealousy
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: female!Gilbertxfemale!Ludwig *gasp*
Wordcount: ~4,200 (with notes)
Spoilers: None. None at all.
Warnings: Incest (*gasp*), LESBIANS *gasp*! and uh, some coincidental notes about dogs. @.@ Not to be taken in a sexual manner.
Disclaimer: I come from Germany. @.@ Wait, no, I don't own anything.
Summary: It starts with some sisterly boobs-jealousy and ends as a full-fletched lesbian porn. @.@
Notes&Comments: Whoever drew the pictures, I hope you can recognize your art from the descriptions, I forgot your name. T_T But those pictures were REALLY awesome, I have them as an inspirational wallpaper now. ^^; Thanks to [ profile] lolhyena for the added inspiration. XD I finished this in record time and half of it on the train-ride from Berlin to Meck-Pomm.

Also: I know that I use a wild mix of German and Japanese in the speech of the characters, but that's what I use in my speech mostly, too, so I think it's okay. ^^; I especially prefer it when Italy says "Doitsu! Doitsu!" instead of "Germany! Germany!" Sounds better, in my opinion. ^^;

"West!" the platinum blonde woman squealed... )
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Title: The Unification of Germany 1871
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Gilbertxyoung!Ludwig
Wordcount: 4,724 (with notes)
Spoilers: ...Can you speak of spoilers for a series about history?
Warnings: Incest (*gasp*), um... not-really-non-con... @.@
Disclaimer: I come from Germany. @.@ Wait, no, I don't own anything.
Summary: 1871 marked the Unification of Germany by the coronation of Wilhelm I. King of Prussia as the first German Emperor. Their wedding was announced about 60 years later though.
Notes&Comments: Requested by [ profile] lolhyena in this comment. I DEMAND PORN FOR THIS! Um... I just don't know what kind. ^^; I will decide when I'm more awake. X'D

Argh dammit, I had so many more comments for this, but, uh, they got lost in the beer. @.@ So, at first, we have some history-lesson, then porn and then... some more history. And

Gilbert stood in Francis’ Palace of Versailles, grinning from ear to ear. )
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Title: Reunification
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: LudwigxGilbert, past IvanxGilbert, IvanxUdSSR
Wordcount: 2,134
Spoilers: ...Can you speak of spoilers for a series about history?
Warnings: Incest (*gasp*), past non-con, um...
Disclaimer: I come from Germany. @.@ Wait, no, I don't own anything.
Summary: The events of Nov. 9th 1989. Yes, they were orgasmic
Notes&Comments: This, uh, is quite conform with the many stories I read about the relationships between East and West Germany, so, um, yeah, I would be happy if the respective authors of those stories agree with, um, the situation in this. And, uh, I'm doing what I think I can do best, namely: Write Porn. If anybody wants some porn, please ask me. :3

PS: I know somebody will hate me for this, but uh, this uh, just had to get out of my system. @.@

Thursday, November the 9th 1989 was a strange day. )


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