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Title: You only know what you've treasured most when you've lost it
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Daryan CrescendxKlavier Gavin
Wordcount: 3,510
Spoilers: Hooray for Case 4-3. Oh and 4-4. But you wouldn't want to be reading this when you haven played 4-3.
Warnings: Swearing, overuse of the f-word, etc...
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Just my mind.
Summary: Daryan realizes he has lost everything he treasured with his stupidity.
Notes&Comments: Well, actually I should have been writing my NaNoWriMo, BUT somehow - as I chose to not write it in English - I managed to write like... 3000 words for that? Which is as much as you were supposed to write within the first 2 days. So, even though I have decided to rewrite that story in English, I've been distracted by this delicious pair.
This story actually started by the dialogue being written out, and then I wrote the rest around it. I left it ambigious at the beginning on purpose as to show that they are still in public and that this is a "professional" talk, but then it got a bit more personal... Ah, I'm rambling. Please read for yourself. :3

Daryan stared at his feet as he followed the guard in front of him... )
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Hello everyone!

I've been making icons (mostly for myself) during the past few days. All centered around Daryan Crescend, with some Klavier Gavin on the side. XD

I miss working with Photoshop though. My Vista-diva-laptop doesn't want me to install it, so I have to live without it. *sighs* I'm trying to figure out PhotoImpact, but somehow... I'm too stupid to get used to it in a few days. ^^;; I've been stealing my girlfriend's/my MAC to be working on some of them, but unfortunately not all of them. ;.;

[28] Total
[17] Daryan
[11] Daryan/Klavier (2 not worksafe thanks to Daryan's hair)

Daryan 03c Daryan 04c DaryanKlavier 04 DaryanKlavier 10

Lots of variations behind the cut ... 2 of them NSFW!! )


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