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More short and silly! ^_^

Click here for the Calender. And then click on the 13.
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More Story! Today I'm not so happy with it though. ;_; But I couldn't do it better either. Sorry. ^^; Hope you like it anyways.

Click here for the Calender. And then click on the 3.

[EDIT] I wrote a little something, that I had intended to write first for today... I just forgot about it when I wrote it. ^^;
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Of course we couldn't not take any Seigaku-pictures. Since we already had a few in-chara pictures these are mostly OOC. They're very funny though ioho. ^^;
Again, I was there as Tezuka, [ profile] layann as Fuji, [ profile] nneko as Kikumaru and [ profile] iwai_takuto as Ryoma.

Click here for funny pictures )

For more pictures click here or see the previous post (batch 3: Fuji-Kyoudai pictures),the one before that one (batch 2: Hyoutei/Rikkai pictures) and this one (batch 1: Family pictures).
Or go to the next post, Batch 5: Spontaneous Death Note pictures.
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Here we have the third batch of pictures. This time it's the incredible Fuji brothers, with [ profile] layann as Fuji Shuusuke, [ profile] iwai_takuto as Fuji Yuuta and [ profile] touichi as Mizuki Hajime! Enjoy!

Fuji's little private album )

For more pictures click here or see the previous post (batch 1: Family pictures) and the one before that one (batch 2: Hyoutei/Rikkai pictures).
Or go here: Batch 4: Seigaku fun pictures
Batch 5: Spontaneous Death Note pictures
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As I said before, we had a huge meeting. And we didn't only take family-pictures, but also Hyoutei and Rikkai-Pictures. So this is the second batch of pictures. ^^;

Click here for Hyoutei pictures )

Click here for Rikkai pictures )

For more pictures click here or see the previous post (batch 1: Family pictures).
Or go here: Batch 3: Fuji-Kyoudai pictures
Batch 4: Seigaku fun pictures
Batch 5: Spontaneous Death Note pictures
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Well, we had a huge family meeting on one weekend, during which we took a lot of photos (a total of 811). This post is just the créme de la créme of all these photos. I will post other pictures (with other costumes) in a few moments. And now have fun with the first batch. ^_^

We had me as Tezuka-Ojiichan, [ profile] layann as Fuji Obaa-chan, [ profile] nneko as Kikumaru, [ profile] iwai_takuto as Ryoma, [ profile] northernbanshee as Momoko and [ profile] touichi as Kirihara.

Click here for our little family album. )

For more pictures click here.
Or go here: Batch 2: Hyoutei/Rikkai pictures
Batch 3: Fuji-Kyoudai pictures
Batch 4: Seigaku fun pictures
Batch 5: Spontaneous Death Note pictures
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I'm so happy somebody took a picture of that... *_*
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Sorry for spamming the communities today, but I have interesting things to post. ^^; Like advertisement for two of our sites. Ahem.

Anyways, this time it's more fun! *sparkle* We did a giant cosplay meeting here in Germany this weekend and of course we did some pictures. And of course I like to share them with you. ^_^

Click here for pictures )

And here the SPECIAL pictures! )

More special pictures )

More pictures at and and here.

[German]Und nochmal an alle, die dabei waren... schreibt comments![/German]

Crossposted around...
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I just wanted to let you know that my gf and I started a Doujinshi-Circle with a few friends and we just finished our first book. ^_^

It's a Tezuka-Fuji story by me, drawn by my gf. You can see more information here.

Look here for sample pages )

The thing is though: The entire book is in German, as we are a German circle. You can buy it, if you want to (just contact us at info @ and we'll include a translation for you.

Also, our site will have an update soon, so that you can read it in English as well. You will find important information easy to read though as well in German. ^^;; *kicks herself for that sentence*

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I'm wishing you all a very happy Christmas! ^_^

A SEIGAKU Christmas to you all! )

PoT 164

Dec. 17th, 2004 12:05 am
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Just why this episode was so cracktacular )
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Oh yes, it is Buchou's birthday. (At least I didn't write it's my birthday... I'm out of Tezuka! Yay! *grmbl* I think from all the Charas I cosplayed, I liked him the less... The only thing I liked, was that there a was a Fuji around me all the time... still is... o.o;;)

Anyways. [ profile] layann drew a VERY pretty picture (she even said so herself about it, so that's gotta mean something!) for Tezuka's birthday. I hope you'll like it. ^_^

Click here for his present )
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Title: Oishi's Birthday Present
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Oishi/Kikumaru, hinted Tezuka/Fuji and Fuji/Ryoma
Spoilers: None I can think of
Warnings: BDSM-ish
Summary: Oishi's birthday. That's it. ^^;; Throw in Kikumaru, a NC-17 rating and you get the picture. ^^;;
Disclaimer: If I owned Prince of Tennis there would be less crack and more boinking. ^^;;
Notes: There are more notes at the end. But: 3 pictures I saw. First: *points to icon*, second: a pic from [ profile] layann and third: a doujinshi from Mu-chan.

"What a tiring day," Oishi sighed and closed the door to his room behind him. )

Oishi: *GRRRRRRRRRR::::::..........GGGGRRRRRRRR:::::.........* All lies!!!!! *pout*
Kikumaru: ^_^ Nya.
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Title: Rain Drops Fall (Sequel to the Sequel ><)
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairings: Fuji/Tezuka
Spoilers: Episodes after the Rikkaidai matches
Warnings: BDSM, NCS-ish, angst
Summary: This time the roles are reverted and they talk.
Disclaimer: No ownies. *sniff*
Notes&Comments: What happens after Tezuka comes back from Germany. Note: From this on this will be a definite AU. (Not that the previous parts weren't...) Plus it will be the end. There will be no more parts. Period.
Oh, and prepare yourself for OOC-ness.

Notes: Fuji doesn't want to be uke. No matter what. )
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Title: Rain Drops Fall (Sequel)
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairings: Fuji/Tezuka
Spoilers: Episodes after the Rikkaidai matches
Warnings: BDSM, NCS-ish, angst
Summary: Tezuka reflects on Fuji's change.
Disclaimer: No ownies. *sniff*
Notes&Comments: This is an insight of Tezuka's thoughts on Fuji's action. Yet again I used [ profile] arithion's challenge to start this and that song from "Die Ärtze", "Nichts in der Welt". There's actually one line I want to post here today.
"I want to be so cold that everybody freezes to death, never want to fall in love again... To never lose again." I think it was then when I thought of Tezuka. It's just not in the story... so... Sorry. ^^;

As the rain hits the window's glass... )
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Title: Rain Drops Fall
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Fuji/Tezuka
Spoilers: Tezuka's match against Atobe
Warnings: BDSM, NCS-ish, angst
Summary: Fuji has claimed Tezuka as his.
Disclaimer: No ownies. *sniff*
Notes&Comments: Yes! I'm throwing some of my plotbunnies into ONE story again! >< First there was this challenge from [ profile] arithion who wanted to read fanfictions using the following sentence as the first line: As the rain hits the window's glass, I can't help but think, even though I know I shouldn't. That I did.
I also used a plotbunny that jumped at me and bit me with its vampiric teeth when I was standing in the middle of the croud of a concert from "Die Ärtze" in Stralsund, listening to "Nichts in der Welt". The lyrics are actually not really important, just that it's about breaking up from an abuse relationship, and yet not. A little confusing, I know, but it's a good song. And don't ask me WHY this bunny insisted I should write about an abusive Fuji/Tezuka-relationship. I just did.

As the rain hits the window's glass, I can't help but think, even though I know I shouldn't. )

Um... I'm not exactly proud of it...
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I had this ready a few days ago... it just needed a little editing. ^^;;

Notes: I used this version of "The Frog King" as reference as it was about the version I knew. It may be a bit different from the version that you know as – most to my amusement – I knew the older version better than the newer one. Oh, and it's quite... ecchi if you may say so already in the original. ^_^ Oh... and somehow... this might turn out quite evil in the undertones...
Characters used:
- Tezuka Kunimitsu as the Frog/Prince
- Echizen Ryoma as the Princess, ah, Prince. ^^;
- Echizen Nanjiroh as the King
- Fuji Shuusuke as the Iron Heinrich, the Prince's faithful servant
- Fuji Yumiko as the driver
Oh, and Inui was probably the one who turned Tezuka into a frog. Let's just say he over did his Special Juice again. ^^;

Crack inside. )

Uh... well.... yeah. Now you can choose whether Tezuka asked Inui to make a juice to turn him into a frog so that he could get away from Fuji or... yeah. ^^; If he was cursed by the evil with Mizuki or somebody else. I have no reason, the original fairy tale held no reason and ... I'm too lazy to think of one. ^^;

[ profile] pikka, I hope you liked. ^^;;
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Title: Balls
Pairing: InuKai
Raiting: PG?
Summary: Inui meets Kaido and suggests more training together.
Notes&comments: Written as an answer to [ profile] wittyphantom's challenge, where you should include the line "Come alone... I'll bring the balls."
My answer is supposed to... well, imply a lot of things, but take in count that I am quite tired right now, so it's not as... well, great as I intended it to be. Gomen nasai.

Not good. )
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Title: Jealousy
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Tezuka/Fuji
Spoilers: No specific ones
Warnings: Jealous captain, smiling tensai and a bit of angst
Summary: After practice Fuji and Tezuka go home together, but the captain has a few things to say to the tensai.
Disclaimer: If I owned Prince of Tennis... they would show those little scenes after practice more often. ^^;
Notes&Comments: Well, I started writing this as a little experimental dialogue between Fuji and Tezuka after random observations of these two. I was thinking that "Fuji is a terrible tease, flirting around with everybody" while "Tezuka is more the jealous type, but not very open about it" ... Well, I wanted to make this a whole lot spicier ("...gods... I feel pity for Fuji o.o; "), but it was "amusing to see how Fuji talked his way out of it. ^^;;"
(additional note: The words between the quotes are acutally my comments as I wriote this little dialogue down. It got as little longer than I expected though. ^^;;)

See how they banter )

I hope you liked. ^^;
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Yes! Happy Birthday Kaoru-chan! ^_^

Title: Kaido and the Neko
Rating: PG
Pairings: None, but hinted on a few.
Summary: After practice there's only one bottle of water left. Please read how Kaido silences his desire to play with cute little cats.
Disclaimer: I WANT A CUTE LITTLE KIKUMARU-NEKO! But I don't have one. ;_; All the characters belong to Konomi-sensei. *wonders what she'd do with them if she were him* Hmm...

Curiosity killed the cat? Or the snake? )

And again I think the ending sucked. *sigh*


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