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More short and silly! ^_^

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Title: Rain Drops Fall (Sequel to the Sequel ><)
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairings: Fuji/Tezuka
Spoilers: Episodes after the Rikkaidai matches
Warnings: BDSM, NCS-ish, angst
Summary: This time the roles are reverted and they talk.
Disclaimer: No ownies. *sniff*
Notes&Comments: What happens after Tezuka comes back from Germany. Note: From this on this will be a definite AU. (Not that the previous parts weren't...) Plus it will be the end. There will be no more parts. Period.
Oh, and prepare yourself for OOC-ness.

Notes: Fuji doesn't want to be uke. No matter what. )
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Title: Rain Drops Fall (Sequel)
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairings: Fuji/Tezuka
Spoilers: Episodes after the Rikkaidai matches
Warnings: BDSM, NCS-ish, angst
Summary: Tezuka reflects on Fuji's change.
Disclaimer: No ownies. *sniff*
Notes&Comments: This is an insight of Tezuka's thoughts on Fuji's action. Yet again I used [ profile] arithion's challenge to start this and that song from "Die Ă„rtze", "Nichts in der Welt". There's actually one line I want to post here today.
"I want to be so cold that everybody freezes to death, never want to fall in love again... To never lose again." I think it was then when I thought of Tezuka. It's just not in the story... so... Sorry. ^^;

As the rain hits the window's glass... )
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Title: Rain Drops Fall
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Fuji/Tezuka
Spoilers: Tezuka's match against Atobe
Warnings: BDSM, NCS-ish, angst
Summary: Fuji has claimed Tezuka as his.
Disclaimer: No ownies. *sniff*
Notes&Comments: Yes! I'm throwing some of my plotbunnies into ONE story again! >< First there was this challenge from [ profile] arithion who wanted to read fanfictions using the following sentence as the first line: As the rain hits the window's glass, I can't help but think, even though I know I shouldn't. That I did.
I also used a plotbunny that jumped at me and bit me with its vampiric teeth when I was standing in the middle of the croud of a concert from "Die Ärtze" in Stralsund, listening to "Nichts in der Welt". The lyrics are actually not really important, just that it's about breaking up from an abuse relationship, and yet not. A little confusing, I know, but it's a good song. And don't ask me WHY this bunny insisted I should write about an abusive Fuji/Tezuka-relationship. I just did.

As the rain hits the window's glass, I can't help but think, even though I know I shouldn't. )

Um... I'm not exactly proud of it...
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Title: Jealousy
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Tezuka/Fuji
Spoilers: No specific ones
Warnings: Jealous captain, smiling tensai and a bit of angst
Summary: After practice Fuji and Tezuka go home together, but the captain has a few things to say to the tensai.
Disclaimer: If I owned Prince of Tennis... they would show those little scenes after practice more often. ^^;
Notes&Comments: Well, I started writing this as a little experimental dialogue between Fuji and Tezuka after random observations of these two. I was thinking that "Fuji is a terrible tease, flirting around with everybody" while "Tezuka is more the jealous type, but not very open about it" ... Well, I wanted to make this a whole lot spicier ("...gods... I feel pity for Fuji o.o; "), but it was "amusing to see how Fuji talked his way out of it. ^^;;"
(additional note: The words between the quotes are acutally my comments as I wriote this little dialogue down. It got as little longer than I expected though. ^^;;)

See how they banter )

I hope you liked. ^^;
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Yes... I wrote a story. I wanted to take half of the day off and work on all of my unfinished stories, but what did I do? Start a new one. *sighs*

Anyways, I wrote this drabble to work of some emotional steam... It may sound a bit rough here and there. ^^;

Title: About Tezuka and Kikumaru
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Rating: G
Summary: Random observation of Fuji on his teammates during a day of practice. Don't ask where I left Taka-san. ^^;;
Pairings: FujiZuka, GP, and hinted MomoRyo and InuiKai (yes! I managed to put all my favorite pairings into one story!)
Disclaimer: No Ownies. They belong to Konomi-sensei. Am not him. Though I would like to have his haircut. ^^;

Fuji Shuusuke did well in just observing people. )

That... Well, the ending sucked, didn't it? I just... had to go to bed. ^^;



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