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Yesterday, the day after Valentine's, there was an Only Event for Eyeshield 21.

Thus, I went through EVERYTHING (I applied for cosplay on that event on line for us) and dragged a very unwilling [ profile] layann with me, who had a lot of fun in the end, to that little event.

In detail, this Only Event opened his doors at 11h (officially) - we arrived a little later - at the KFC Hall Annex Ryougoku and from 11h to 15h you could only buy doujinshi and redress in your costumes (if you had an application). You could buy a plastic bag with a programm for 500Yen, there was a wall where you could vote for your favorite Character (1st Hiruma, 2nd Sena, 3rd Musashi (!) ) and there was a little tombola where you could win team-specific-prices (they had earplugs for Bando and a banana case for Deimon for example). Everything was fun, because even though people stared at us, they didn't stare at us in a "Ugh, foreigners"-way, like old people do because they are surprised to see foreigners in not-so-popular parts of Japan/Tokyo, but more in a suprised "Wow! Foreigners! Here? That's great!"

Not to mention [ profile] layann's popularity. (Try a "Hiruma cosplay"-search on google.) Also, we were the only ones who cosplayed (the most popular pairing) Musashi and Hiruma. There were TONS of Hirumas and even another Musashi, but not together. THAT was another plus.

At exactly 15h they cleared the room of the tables and at 15:30, you were allowed to take pictures. Around 16:30-17h, everybody was asked to take place in a big group picture and well, this is the result (Note: There are at most 4 boys in this picture. I'm not one of them. XDD):

More pictures here )
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Title: If I can't have you...
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: MizumachixKakei.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Angsty?
Disclaimer: I don't own Eyeshield 21 or the song.
Summary: Mizumachi and Kakei loving. ^^; Sorry, too tired to some up with a decent summary.
Notes&Comments: Um... so [ profile] layann said I should write something because I had like... a baizillion of plotbunnies last week, but when I opened Word and looked at the blank sheet... None of them were there. :( So I... started randomly with something that ended up Mizumachi/Kakei, because I wanted to write them for a really long time now. ^^;; I hope you like it. #^_^#

Kakei stared at Mizumachi standing on the field with the cheerleaders, wearing a dress and throwing the pompoms in the air just like a girl. )


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