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Title: Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Juumonjixhis hand, TakamixSakuraba, some MusashixHiruma thrown in for good measure. xD
Wordcount: 1881
Spoilers: Uh... well, it may be a spoiler, but then again, it is not. So, don't bother thinking about it too hard. ^^;
Warnings: Masturbation, mentionings of het.
Disclaimer: I don't own Eyeshield 21.
Summary: Juumonji has some alone time in the shower during training camp. Sakuraba is lost.
Notes&Comments: Written for Sia and her Pr0ntober prompt #2.

Juumonji Kazuki stood in the shower, staring at the white tiles in front of him as hot water sprayed down onto his head, making him sputter every now and then. )
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Title: Pr0ntober prompt #3
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: ItsukixKyon
Wordcount: 975
Spoilers: Uh... none, really. @.@ It's hard to say something about spoilers with this series...
Warnings: buttsex!
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. o.o; Just a keychain.
Summary: Itsuki and Kyon continue a photoshooting
Notes&Comments: Oh, god, this pairing needs so much more love. @.@

It was easy to explain the reason for the situation that Kyon was in that very day. )

Did anybody notice that Kyon has no real name? I didn't up until now. But then I didn't follow the series through yet...
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(copied directly from [ profile] jaina's post, since I was too lazy to copy it from [ profile] sublimeparadigm, after [ profile] layann told me about it... and after I just turned in my application papers for my diploma... D%)


What is pr0ntober, you ask? It's pretty simple. It's us, you and me and whoever feels like it, celebrating the smuttier side of things by saturating the month of October in dirty business as much as possible. But how does it work specifically? It's pretty simple!

1. You make a post announcing your participation and asking your flist for prompts consisting of a fandom, a pairing and a prompt. Feel free to put a cap on how many requests you'll take.

2. Write drabblets, ficlets, novellas, whatever you like in response to the prompts. Not every response has to be full of filth. Last year, some responses were totally PWP; others merely alluded to making humpies. Pr0ntober is also about being sexy, not just sex.

3. Let [ profile] jaina know about your participation here.

So here are my conditions:
#1 No limit. Post your requests like whoa! I cannot guarantee much though, if it interests me, I'll write it, if it doesn't, I won't and I'll send you a notice.
#2 Yaoi, Yuri, het, tentacles... Whatever. I'll give it a shot. :D
#3 You can request ANYthing, but as I said in point #1, it's not for sure that I'll write it. Especially not if I cannot find a way to get these characters into some smexing. XD
#4 You can try getting me into writing a fandom I don't know, but that won't be fun. So, try to keep into those fandoms that I know. I know a lot though, so just... give it try. :D I might write it!

So, um yeah. Go ahead! :D


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