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Title: Kaltes, klares Wasser Part A
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Fem!England+Fem!Germany (aka Igiko and Nyoitsu)
Wordcount: 1,411
Spoilers: None. None at all.
Warnings: Misuse of alcohol, clubbing and some making-out
Disclaimer: I come from Germany. @.@ Wait, no, I don't own anything.
Summary: Germany visits England and England decides to show her her nightlife.
Notes&Comments: So, er, based LOOSELY on my own experiences. VERY loosely. This part is harmless, but the next part will... not be. XD I have decided to call Nyoitsu "Luise" and not go by "Monika" (was it even with a k?) because I've been calling her Luise for ages now and I don't want to change that. Igiko on the other hand was a novelty, but I decided to call her Siobhan, as this is (next to Gemma) the most English name that I know. Please do not start a discussion on which name would have been better or which name is canon because to be honest, I haven't paid attention. xD Also, if I COULD I would change some of Igiko's assets based on my observations, but whatever. XD

This part can be seen as a standalone, so if you like it, but don't want to explore deeper onto the topic of German-British Pervertedness, keep this as a one-shot in your memory.

Luise was close to panicking, the strobe lights and the booming techno music and everything didn't help much either. )

Part B will be posted whenever I'm ready typing it up.
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Berlin, definitely. Because we have everything: History - if not outside, then in Museum, drama, parks, art, sea, architecture old and new, international parts, almost everything to satisfy your shopping needs.

And with drama I mean "current" history of after WW2, the separation, the reunification which is quite re-traceable still. Plus the one or the other thing that you wouldn't expect.


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